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The Un-Blocked Writer

Today, I chose to write about... (drum roll) ...writing. I used to perceive writing as a chore simply because I had yet to decide what I wanted to write about. So simple. Once I decide on a topic, the words flow. I now understand why writers recommend carrying a pad of paper and a pen or pencil. I wonder, do songwriters utilize the same habit?

I'm sure you all heard this statement at one time or another, "Writing is hard." My reaction: what a de-motivating sentiment! I guess the speaker spoke of themselves. Writing used to intimidate me. But then the stories became so powerful I realized they had to be told. So I took a deep breath, put fingertips to keyboard or pen/pencil to paper, and let my thoughts flow into words. Easier than I thought.

I was initially reluctant to write a blog because I feared I would be unable to come up with enough to share. Then I remembered an interview I saw years ago with Pulitzer Prize winning author, David McCullough. I love his storytelling style. He shared he wrote his first book because he wanted to read it. So simple: he writes the books he wants to read. Talk about a motivating sentiment! My new self-question for upcoming blog posts and book projects: "What do I like to read?" Looking back, I realize his words provided the emotional "push" I needed to find the courage to start writing about... well, anything.

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