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Creative Layers

A wise and observant friend once told me... "Your creativity comes in layers, Kate. Be aware of which layer comes forth, one at a time. It's your responsibility to figure out how to manage and make the most of those creative layers."

I believe the word "layers" refers to my individual interests and projects. Makes sense. Every now and then a different interest and/or project comes to the forefront of my mind and I focus on that. I find it funny how aware I am when the creative juices flow toward one creative outlet and not another. I'm still getting used to the sensation.

I chose to write about those creative layers in today's blog post because, a few days ago, I noticed they suddenly switched. I was full steam ahead to calibrate my audiobook equipment and record audition samples. Then that desire inexplicably faded. Questions buzzed in my head... had I changed my mind? Had I lost interest in recording audiobooks? I sincerely hoped not. My practical mind reminded me how much I had spent on my brand new recording equipment. Eventually, I relaxed. A new thought came to me: I hadn't changed my mind nor lost interest. I am taking a temporary break from audiobooks. So simple!

My next question: Why? Well, apparently I was ready to focus on something else. Surprisingly, I was suddenly flooded with ideas for the design of the "Writing" portion of my website. Previously, I experienced a block of sorts regarding how I wanted to design and showcase my writing samples. My first two books continue to take shape behind the scenes. Now, ideas easily pour forth. Next, sort 'em out. And then this blog post walked into my mind!

I have yet to see the audiobooks coming back... I'll wait. And I now wonder when film ideas will return since I want to create additional videos for my portfolio... I'll wait. So far, the pattern seems to be one creative layer present at a time before being replaced with the next one. We'll see which layer comes up next!

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