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Audiobook narrator, Writer, and Filmmaker


In the fall of 2019, I accepted the role of Assistant Stage Manager in the crew of a local theatre production. Among the cast members was a 20 year audiobook narration veteran who later became my narrator coach and friend. Could I narrate audiobooks? Her answer: in time, yes! Soon, I began writing my first book (title pending) and decided to house both projects under one umbrella organization. In the fall of 2020, AutumnColors Productions, LLC was born. In future, I plan to add film projects including documentaries.


Why create a business entity when many narrators are sole proprietors?

My answer: simplicity. Multiple projects under one roof, so to speak.

Multiple interests = Always learning = More fun = Happier Me


As my thirties approached, I got the innate sense my life was about to take a turn for the even better ... and that's exactly what happened. In March 2020, I suddenly had an abundance of free time and little to no idea how to fill it. Me and the rest of the world. To my amazement, the absence of former obligations allowed me to see and re-prioritize my entire life. Hence the start of my new business and other projects. A new perspective. 

My 2020 take-away: the sudden loss of my "normal" life helped me see and finally pursue what truly makes me genuinely happy: grow my business, write books, fi, improve my singing and acting skills, and ... more fun projects are on their way!

Need a narrator to create your audiobook? 

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